About Us

AKAS LOGISTICS is a 100% Turkish capitalized company providing international road transportation services, logistics service and supply chain. With its young and dynamic management staff who know the logistics sector well, it will develop and grow at the same speed in the rapidly developing logistics sector. is a corporate company that continues to follow technology.

AKAS LOGISTICS manages the process starting from the suppliers of its customers to the customers of its customers from a single source. It serves to be your solution partner from origin to destination without compromising the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.




AKAS LOGISTICS is an institutionalized form of 33 years of experience and aims to expand its range of services day by day.


Staff Satisfaction; To meet the demands and expectations of our staff by exceeding them In order to ensure social communication; To increase social sharing among our staff, to ensure mutual respect

Developing Cooperation; Working as a team with our employees, suppliers and customers and developing cooperation together according to the development of the day.

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